Heat Treated Products

Heat Treated Pallets & Crates - ISPM 15

We sell heat treated and fumigated wood products for international shipment (ISPM 15 or IPPC).   We offer used heat treated pallets of all grades, new heat treated pallets and heat treated crates per specifications. 


heat treated pallets in kiln


new gma heat treated pallets

used heat treated pallet

To meet international shipping standards, pallets and crates must be heat treated and conform to ISPM-15 standards. Please see this link for a list of participating countries.


Our Heat Treated wood pallets & products include:

·         New Pallets and Block pallets

·         Used and reconditioned pallets

·         GMA Pallets (Standard 48 X 40 new or used pallets)

·         Wooden Crates

·         Lumber

·         Use of our kiln for wooden pallets, lumber and crates you already have and need heat treated

Our heat treating license is provided by Timber Products and we are audited monthly to ensure the standards of ISPM 15 are met.

In order to better serve our customer's needs, Moran & Sons' has a heat chamber located onsite.  We recently upgraded our kiln and can heat treat up to 690 48x40 standard sized pallets at a time.

We offer heat treat services for those that already have pallets and crates and need them heat treated for international shipping. We will provide you with the necessary documents for customs.

The International Standard for Phytosanitary Measure Number 15 (IPPC), also known as ISPM 15 - requires most pallets, crates and other wooden shipping platforms for international shipments to be heat treated.

According to the Wood Packaging Material Policy (November 15, 2002), heat treatment is defined as "lumber of used, previously assembled or repaired wood packaging material which has been placed in a closed chamber and artificial heat added until the lumber or packing achieves a minimum core temperature of 56°C for a minimum of 30 minutes."

Contact us for pricing.  Large and small orders welcomed!  We ship truck loads of heat treated pallets through out the Southwest and California. 

Please see these links for more information on HT requirements or give us a call at 602.278.9682 or email jill@moranlumber.com

We can answer all your questions about export shipping and get your heat treated pallets or crates started today!