Moran Lumber cuts wooden survey lath at our manufacturing facility in Phoenix, AZ.

24 inch lath

survey lath

wood lath

Standard lengths range from 12" to 48".  The most common wooden lath sizes are 24”, 36” and 48”.

We typically manufacture wooden lath in the following sizes:

  • 12” Lath
  • 16” Lath
  • 18” Lath
  • 24” Lath
  • 30” Lath
  • 36” Lath
  • 48” Lath

We can also manufacture custom lath in any size.

50 pieces of lath per bundle.


Our lath is manufactured from straight grained knot free Ponderosa Pine.  We use this species for two reasons:

  1. The grain pattern in the wood allows nails to be driven in it without splitting.
  2. Surveyors and engineers prefer the light color to distinguish the markings that they make on the wood.

We ensure that the lumber is clear and free from knots for minimal breakage.

Please see our wooden stakes page for information on our construction stakes.

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