New Pallets

New pallets are custom built to match your specific needs.  We build and sell new standard GMA pallets.  If a standard size doesn’t meet your needs then a new custom pallet is your best option!

custom pallet

new pallet

new standard GMA palletss

custom pallets

new pallet

Tell us your new pallet needs and we will design a pallet for you.  We welcome large and small orders!  Need an ISPM pallet? 
We are ISPM 15 certified and can manufacture new heat treated pallets.

Types of new pallets:

  • New standard GMA pallets
  • Light and heavy duty
  • 4-way & 2-way
  • Block pallet
  • New heat treated pallet or export pallet (ISPM pallet)
  • Custom sized pallets built to spec

To quote your new pallet we will need the following information.  If you are not sure of your needs, we can help you!  We have CAD software to draw detailed plans for your new pallet needs based on your unique circumstances. Don't hesitate to contact us!

What are the dimensions of your custom pallet?
The largest expense in manufacturing a new pallet is the lumber. To determine how much lumber is needed, we need to know the width and length.  How many boards you need on the top, bottom, and through the middle (stringers) of the pallet.

Do you need it notched?
A "four way" pallet is notched on the sides so that a forklift can pick it up in any direction. A "two way" pallet is not notched and can be picked up only from the front and back.

Does your custom pallet need to be heat treated or ISPM-15 certified?
New pallets that will be used for international shipment must be heat treated (HT).

In order to better serve our customer's needs, Moran & Sons' has a kiln located onsite. We offer new heat treated pallets per specifications.

To learn more about heat treating please see our and check out these links.

Contact us or give us a call at (602) 278-9682 and we can answer all your questions!