Cash For Pallets

Moran Lumber buys used 48x40 4-way pallets and pays cash.  We buy in large and small volume. Sell used pallets for cash.

used pallets

used gma pallet

standard used pallet

used pallets

Just like every market, pallet prices fluctuate. Our pallet buyer will offer you a fair price for used and recycled pallets. 

Please call us at (602) 278-9682 to find out the current value of your used pallets.  We pay cash for used pallets.

Or email with the quantity and a picture and we can quote through email.

We are currently buying 48 x 40 4-way pallets.  A 4 way pallet is notched on the sided so forklift can pick it up from all four directions. These pallets are often referred to as Standard or GMA Pallets.   

We buy broken pallets and repaired pallets.  Quality is what will determine how much our pallet buyer will offer for your used standard pallets.

Recycling used wooden pallets helps reduce your carbon footprint and makes our world more sustainable. Selling used pallets also pays cash!

Contact us for more information or assistance. 

We partner with businesses, distribution centers, and warehouses to purchase excess pallets coming out of their facilities. 

Please see our Pallet Solutions Page.


Main Facility

Moran Lumber

1551 S 59th Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85043 US

Phone: (602) 278-9682


Recycling Facility

Recycling Facility

1835 S 59th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85043

Phone: (602) 278-9682


Our pallet buyer is available Monday through Friday from 8am – 3pm.

“Your life is brought to you on a pallet.  We help make it Sustainable!”