Recycled or Used Pallets

We buy, repair, and sell standard used GMA pallets.  In addition to saving the planet, using recycled pallets can also save your company money. 

recycled gma pallets

recycled hardwood pallets

standard used pallets

used palletes

Reconditioned pallets are sold according to each customer's needs.  Pallets are delivered within the Phoenix area and shipped in truckload quantities throughout the Southwest and California.

Our recycled GMA pallets (48" x 40" 4 way) are repaired, graded and sold based on each pallet's condition. A brief description of each grade follows:

Primo #1

These pallets are our highest grade recycled pallet. They are constructed of hardwood with 6" leading edge boards. None of the stringers have been repaired with plates.  These pallets are well suited for end users that require high end, clean, aesthetically appealing platforms.

Standard #1 grade

These pallets have good structural integrity and are well suited for standard use and may have 4" and/or 6" leading edge boards.

Softwood #1 grade

For those companies who want a less expensive #1 pallet, and don't need the structural integrity of hardwood. None of our #1 grade pallets contain double stringer repairs.

Select #2 grade (B+)

These pallets contain only one double stringer repair per pallet.

Standard #2 grade

These pallets contain one or more double stringer repairs per pallet. These pallets are our most economical pallet.

We have other recycled pallet sizes available.  Contact us for pricing and availability.

Buying recycled pallets is economical, practical and more environmentally friendly then most people realize.  48x40 GMA pallets are widely used, throughout the world to transport and store goods.  These pallets are used over and over until repairs are needed.  Pallet recycling companies repair broken pallets and put their used pallets back into the market.  By purchasing reconditioned pallets, your company will further their green efforts, while saving money.  Repairing wood pallets is more cost effective then repairs for plastic or metal pallets and cheaper than buying new pallets.   For many companies, pallets are an unrecoverable cost and by buying used wooden pallets, you can lower your bottom line, while doing your part to make your supply chain sustainable.